Webhosting info

For COMPLETELY FREE, you can host a website on our servers.

  1. 1GB for regular sites, 10GB for non-static websites (forums, imageboards, etc)
  2. VIP user? Unlimited space!
  3. Unlimited bandwidth for all users.
  4. FREE FREENOM DOMAIN (.tk .ml .ga .gq .cf) or SUBDOMAIN @ https://www.fuuka.ml
  5. No forced advertising, malware, etc

This service provides free webhosting to all who would like to host a static website. Looking for a service that allows for databases, php, etc? Try our VPS service. Some customers of ours include https://2ちゃん.net/, http://desuroom.cf/, https://dollloversgathering.cf/, https://lizchan.top/ and many many more.


As you may have read above, there is none. Basic, static hosting is free. If you want to host an imageboard, forum, booru, or other dynamic site that requires databases, PHP, etc - consider our VPS service. F-R-E-E THAT SPELLS FREE


All sites hosted must follow the Kolyma Network Global Content Policy.


You can..

  1. Point your own pre-bought domain to our IP.
  2. Get a completely free domain at freenom.
  3. Get a subdomain (yoursite.fuuka.ml)


Upon deciding you want to host with us, send us an email with your domain name. We will send back an FTP login in under 24 hours.

There are no fancy panels (yet?), no 24/7 assistance, no fancy ssh logins, just plain ftp and a domain. But hey, its free!

So what are you waiting for? Send an email to hosting@kolyma.org today!